It is an honour to be in charge of the ambitious project called Esther Grande de Bentin Club - EGB. The first private High Performance Centre for young soccer players, based on the principles and values bequeathed by my grandparents Mr. Ricardo and Mrs. Esther.

EGB is a non profit-making project, the principal objective being to help promising young footballers in their development and consolidation as sportsmen, as well as people who do good for our society. We want to help them to accomplish their dreams - dreams which we share - aspiring for a better future for them and their families.

Our approach is based on the all-round formation of the young soccer player, offering him a suitable sport and educational formation strengthening his soccer, physical, emotional and social abilities. All this is complemented with the support in areas such as medicine, nutrition, psychology as well as social assistance.

We have a great group of Peruvian professionals in different areas, all well trained and who believe deeply and sincerely in this Project. This team is fundamental for the successful development of our Mission.

I thank all our strategic partners for their support; individuals and companies who collaborate with EGB. They set an example of social responsibility and share our objectives and dreams, dreams of Peruvian people who believe in Peru, in its people and children. I am sure that together we will grow and become a wonderful reality which will allow us to say with enormous satisfaction: Mission accomplished.


Jaime Noriega Bentin